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Former Member
Nov 26, 2009 at 11:35 AM

Create/change measuring point


Hi to all,

in our scenario we have many functional locations with counter measuring point to record readings of a phisical electronic gas counter.

Quite often happens that the phisical counter get low of battery, or is replaced by another electronic counter, in any of the cases the counter restart from zero.

In PM we have to deactivate the corresponding measuring point and create another identical for the same FL.

We produce a little manual to do this operation for our users, but since they are operative and not employee they say it's too difficult ...

No problem (we thought) let's ABAP e pushbutton that deactivate old measuring point and create a new one. Unforunely, after a long search we didn't find any BAPI or function module that does what we need ...

Prior to prepare a BDC session, do you know a function module/rfc (or a couple of them), to create a measuring point and to modify/deactivate another one ?

Thanks in advance