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Nov 26, 2009 at 10:23 AM

Serial Number Use


Dear Experts,

This is regarding the captioned subject.

It has been observed that serial numbers created by the Manufacturing Units for the Production Purpose are being consumed by the Marketing Plants for Making GR at their end.

Logically in Our Scenario, the Serial Number Creation and making use of the same for the Production is the privilege of MFG units. And the Serial Number Creation should happen at MFG Plant only (In exceptional cases in marketing also).

But as a process the Serial Number Creation is at Material Code level only. When the New Serial Number gets created, the status of the same becomes AVLB. When the status of the serial number remains as AVLB then GR is possible for marketing branches also on this Serial Number( If the GR at Marketing Branch happens without any referance). Due to which the Serial Number Created for the MFG are getting consumed by the Marketing Branches.

Because of the use of Serial Number Created by MFG Plants by the Marketing Branches, the MFG Units could not confirm production and looses the Serial Number Track.

The following are the Details of Serial Number Profile being used in the OurScenario.

Serial Number Profile

Profile Profile Text Exist Req. Cat. Equipment Category Description StkCk

0001 Serial no for PP-SD  S Customer equipment 2

Serializing Procedure

Procd Procedure Description Ser Usage EqReq

MMSL Maintain goods receipt and issue doc. 3 1

PPAU Serial numbers in PP order 1 1

PPRL PP order release 1 1

PPSF Serial nos in repetitive manufacturing 3 1

QMSL Maintain inspection lot 3 1

SDAU Serial numbers in SD order 1 1

SDCC Completness check for delivery 3 1

SDCR Completion check IR delivery 3 1

SDLS Maintain delivery 2 1

SDRE Maintain returns delivery 2 1

Experts are kindly requested to suggest for the solution if any to arrest the consumption of Serial Number Created by MFG Units by the Marketing Branches.

With regards