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Nov 26, 2009 at 09:58 AM

I need volunteers for test


Hello gentlemen!

I need your help in test some "feature" of Solution Manager.

I found one problem discribed [here|Number ranges for CRM_SERVIC;

And I found action sequence wich can replay my error.

My system parameters are:

SolMan EHP1 SPS21. Oracle

Take user with minimal authorisations (In my case I copied standart roles SAP_SUPPDESK_<CREATE|DISPLAY> and with authorisation on RFC). Start transaction under your user wich DOESN'T assign, for example, I start SBWP.

When you'll get red message "You don't have authorization for TX..." create message (I used double click on SAP pool at the upper right corner).

Fill all requered fields and click "Send".

Did you get External Number instead of DNO_NOTIF's number?

If try to create the second message right after 1st message you'll get an error 513...

Please try to reconstrict this situation and post your results.