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Nov 26, 2009 at 06:31 AM

Managing Consumer Proxies and related configuration in the System Landscape



I have successfully created and tested the Consumer proxy in our development server.

Scenario background: A Java Web Service has been developed and deployed on the Portal server which i am consuming in ECC6.0 in ABAP.

We would soon need to move it through the system landscape concerning which i have the following queries:

1. The Consumer Proxy was created with the WSDL URL of the Development Portal server. I checked the Consumer proxy and did not find any signature of the WSDL URL in the Consumer proxy object generated. Can we therefore transport this consumer proxy to QA/Production without any issues?

2. The Logical port configuration - What's the standard used in its maintenance across the landscape? Will we need to manually do it in every system? Can this also be made generic and transported across the landscape?