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Nov 26, 2009 at 04:45 AM

Pooled Capacity in Scheduling


HI All,

I have created the independent capacity and activated as pooled capacity which is a group of labors,

Now I have the Work Center which is a machine work center, this group of labors are used in diff work centers, so I assigned them to these work centers in capacity Tab of WC.

I have capacity formulas assigned to Machine capacity and pooled capacity is assigned to labor capacity which is created in WC,

Do in need to assign this pooled capacity in Scheduling tab, using Capacity category as Person ?

OR it is sufficient to assign pooled capacity in capacity tab page?

In my scheduling, part I wanted to have scheduling on the maximum time consumed in operation. But in planned order scheduling tab, I cud see both machine and labor.

Where am I getting wrong.

Please suggest



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