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Nov 26, 2009 at 01:47 AM

Costing Variant not visible in CK24 for my plant.


Hello Experts,

Using transaction OKKN, I have created a new costing variant ZPC1 to take the place of PPC1 for updating standard cost in the material master. I basically copied most of the parameters ( including the Costing Type) from PPC1 but changed to a different Valuation Variant. Running CK11n successfully generates a cost estimate without error (status KA) that meets our requirements.

The trouble is in transaction CK24. I click the Marking allowance icon and I see both our actual plant, and the dummy preconfigured plant 0010. For our actual plant, I also see the fields populated for Costing version 1 and Released check mark. If I drill down on our plant, I get a pop-up for "Permitted std cost est variants", showing only PPC1. However, if I drill down on the dummy plant 0010, I first get a search pop-up for "Permitted std cost est variants" with an open field for "Costing Variant". Drilling down further shows both PPC1 and ZPC1.

I think maybe a "Costing Version" has been defined for our actual plant, and that is pre-selecting PPC1 and preventing me from using ZPC1, but when I search in config (transaction OKYD), I see nothing defined.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.