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Nov 25, 2009 at 09:55 PM

MM_EBAN Test Variant picking up Purch Reqs outside Residence Periods


I have MM_EBAN Customization Purch Doc Types all set with Res 1 - 730 days and Res 2 - 30 days.

Test Variant is setup as 2 step with detail log. When running today (11/26/2009) for example, I am picking up PR's without a delete indicator set for any items and it has:

- Last change date 10/22/2009

- Created on 02/02/2009

- Delivery Date 02/ 02/2009

PR has 3 items each have the same Quantity#, as Quantity Ordered, with Open Quantity 0, Processing Status = Active and GR and IR = X. Sched Line, GR = Qty, Goods Issue and Delivery note = negative Qty #.

Item 10 - Planned Delivery 24, GR proc. time 1

Item 20 - Planned Delivery 11, GR proc. time 1

Item 30 - Planned Delivery 98, GR proc. time 1

MM_EBAN Test Variant Log shows this PR as Archived. (To be Archived)

What am I missing? It appears that this PR should not qualify to be archived because it has no Del Ind Set for any of the items. Nor does it qualify to have the Archive Program set the delete indicators because the last change date is not older than 730 days.

Thanks in advance for help.