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Nov 25, 2009 at 07:30 PM

Logon failed


I use mySchema.xsd as the datasource in the design time, when loading the reports in the run time, I populate several data tables and set report datasource to those data tables. All reports are running perfectly on my development PC, the reports are loaded and can be exported using my code (I don't use the default Export button).

The reports are OK in the production PC. However, when I try to export the reports, I got an error saying that Logon failed, and coul not find a part of the path to mySchema.xsd. The path only exists on my development PC.

I go to Set Datasource Location and change the path to Same as Report. It seems that the reports have one path, and when exporting, the reports have a different path to look at which is C:\Documents and Settings\pc12345\Local Settings\Temp\mySchema.xsd.

Is that possible to modify the report templates so they will never try to find the .xsd file?

Thanks and have a great holiday season.