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Nov 25, 2009 at 02:16 PM

Pass XML to MII transaction via HTTPService in FLEX


Hi folks,

I have a problem with a HTTPService call of a MII transaction in Flex3. It always worked fine, when I only had to pass simple parameters like strings etc. But now I have a transaction that expects 3 String parameters (they are received) and two XML parameters. I already tried several possibilities:

1.) I put the XML data into an object in Flex and passed this object for the XML parameters - the XML is empty on MII side

2.) I change the content-type of the HTTPService to application/xml and passed the XML parameters as XML - the XML is still empty on MII side.

So my question is: Is it possible to send such a combined HTTPService call with Strings AND XML? Did anybody already do that? The XMLs have the typical MII-structure with Rowsets/Rowset/Row, but without the column-description at the beginning - could that be a point, that MII cannot deal without this column description? But I already tried to send an XML in an other structure and it was also empty on MII side.

Would be great if anybody has any suggestion!



EDIT: I now realized, that if I pass only one XML parameter, it works. As soon as I pass both XML parameters, it does not work and shows up a HTTP request error. Don't know why... Maybe it's limited to a certain string length in the transaction call, that is exceeded when I pass both parameters?

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