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Nov 25, 2009 at 11:52 AM

Problem in merep_mon: Record not on Device


Hi Gurus,

I am getting an error "Record not on Device" in merep_mon while monitoring S01 SyncBo. I have checked earlier posts and they doesnt seem to be providing a proper solution to this issue.

Someone Please explain me the cause of this error with say an example.

Also I found a SAP note - "Note 959732 - "Record Not on device" error message during reprocess" which discusses about this issue in detail. This note demands to set the 'REPROCESS_ON_NO_DATA' param value in MEREP_CONFIG table.

Now as per the thread mentioned below


Ajith states that there can be two scenarios here..

1. The data is deleted (not soft delete or archieved), no updates are allowed & hence no chance to modify it.

2. Another scenario requires the data modified from the device user to be updated so that there should not be any data loss. (otherwise modification from the device user will be lost).

So now how to check whether mine is scenario 1 or 2 ?? Here by scenario 2 I understand that the record is either soft deleted or archived.. am I right ??

Also "If you enable REPROCESS_ON_NO_DATA parameter to 'X', The updates are allowed, ofcourse subject to the backend validation in modify bapi wrapper".

If this is true do we have to maintain proper validations in modify bapi wrapper for this syncbo ??

Is there any other solution to this issue other than applying this note ??

Also will changing the SyncBo type from Async to Sync help in this case as the major issue I feel is that the business user hasn't synchronized the client more than once (maybe) and hence all delta changes are not being reflected in client, and my syncbo being of Async type (by default) ??

Please guide me further..

Thanks in advance


Saptak Kulkarni