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Nov 01, 2018 at 04:46 PM

Based on the chart selection to hide or visible text data in sap bo design studio 1.6 SP06?

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Hi Teamart

I have a 2 texts and 2 charts:

In chart I have return script:

DS_2.setFilter("OBJ_188", me.getSelectedMember("OBJ_188"));

Chart1: shows state related revenue and chart2 shows quarter related revenue.

When I click on the chart1 bar filter data w.r.t to states.

I need below scenario:

When I select chart1 bar then text1 hide and text2 visible true and when I click on the chart area text1 visible true & text2 visible false.

I have tried below script in the chart:

DS_2.setFilter("OBJ_188", me.getSelectedMember("OBJ_188")); if (CHART_1.getSelectedMember("OBJ_188")) { TEXT_1.setVisible(false); TEXT_2.setVisible(true); } else { CHART_1.clearSelection(); DS_1.clearFilter("OBJ_188"); TEXT_1.setVisible(true); TEXT_2.setVisible(false); CHART_1.clearSelection(); }

but When I click on the chart bar hide text1 and visible text2, but When I click on the chart area not working funtionality.

Please help on the above scenario.