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Nov 25, 2009 at 11:48 AM

Cannot see images in a Form / Visual Composer Tutorial


Hi There,

i just wanna play a little bit with the Visual Composer.

I just tried this Tutorial where you can see the Server status...


So i am here now:


Now we will enter the aim of this blog : view our server status in a good looking way.

From our model, make the table invisible. To do that, make the table property "Visibility condition" to "false".

Drag a form from the out port of the table, and make all the field not visible.

Now go to the image manager and choose 4 pictures to upload : one of your landscape, and three for the "traffic light" : one green, orange, and red light.

In your new form, add an image with no label and assign your image landscape to it. Go to the layout view, and enlarge this image to use it as a background.

Add another image for your traffic light. Assign it the three images with the following image condition :




Now the green image will be displayed if the server is running, the red if it is stopped, yellow if starting.


I did what this tutorial told me.. but when i save and deploy the Application i see only the


and in this form i see two texts... img1 img2


Did i have to upload those image directly to the server or so? I uploaded them with the Image Manager in the VC... in the VC i can see the Images.. but as i told you.. i did not see the images when i start the Application...

when i Browse directly to the folder where the app is stored in my portal:


i dont see there any images.. only my application...?!

Please can someone help here?



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