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Nov 01, 2018 at 05:56 AM

When scrolling SAP UI Table, some columns are not loading with new data


Hi Folks,

We are developing one custom UI5 application, in that we used sap.ui.table control. Issues is,

we have some columns in the table out of all columns three columns are not loading when we are using scrolling. Those three columns are two contains ICON as a template and the other one is button. Based on some conditions we are giving stylesheet to ICON columns.

When I debug what we understand is based on visible row count those row references are coming to modify based on condition. And we tried to set dynamic visible row count too but here page is getting scrolling.

What we need is, table to be scrolled with header freeze. for that we kept visible rowcount. once we keep the row count as 5 or 10 the above issue is raising.

Kindly suggest us with your valuable inputs.

Experts, Masayuki Sekihara Jerry Wang Michal Keidar Tejas Chouhan Sarbjeet Singh Midhun VP Sergio Guerrero Audrey Stevenson @