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Nov 25, 2009 at 07:29 AM

problem in query


Hi guriji,

i have written one query.but this not working properly.

loop at itab .

read table itab2 WITH key kostl = itab-fictr.

if itab-fictr = itab2-kostl .

read table itab2 with key hkont = temp_acc_code .

if sy-subrc = 0 .

itab-dmbtr = itab2-dmbtr .

endif .

modify itab transporting dmbtr .



whhen internal table iab2 reads with kostl it reds only last kostl and based on that it will not show output. the read condition i am stuck because in itab2 suppose there are 5 kostl (cost center ex. 1910,1000,1100,1090,1600) .in this case it reads only 1600 and check . it will not consider remaining 4 kostl.

plz tell me what is problem in my query.