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Nov 25, 2009 at 06:25 AM

Select query written on view giving dump


Hi All,

I have written the following query on COAS view in my code:

SELECT aufnr bukrs INTO TABLE gt_aufnr

FROM coas


aufnr IN r_aufrm AND

auart IN s_auart AND

autyp = c_autyp_01 AND

kokrs = c_kokrs_mbca.

When records in range r_aufrm are too many like 6000 or so it gives me a run time error on this query - DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL. Error description says size of select query is large.

Question : Is this bug coming because I am using the view. If i select the records on table AUFK (only table on which the view is created), will it rectify the problem?? I am asking this because it's in production and I cant make any change and test then and there.

Note: the range r_aufrm contains two types of records for AUFNR - 1. with sign GE and others with sign LE. So I cannot use for all entries. If I still can, please tell me how?

Thanks a looot!

Waiting for the response,