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Oct 31, 2018 at 05:08 PM

Electronic Bank Statement in SAP - How to setup configuration for Foreign Currency Transactions


I am configuring Electronic Bank Statement Functionality for one of my clients and using BA12 format.. The Main Bank GL and the Sub accounts for clearing in Canadian Dollar and US Dollar are setup as follows in the Chart of Accounts. They only have transactions in CAD and USD. CAD is the local currency

Main Bank CAD - 1001101,

Main Bank USD - 1001102,

Cheque Clearing CAD - 1001111,

Cheque Clearing USD - 1001112,

ACH clearing CAD - 1001121,

ACH Clearing USD - 1001122,

Wires Clearing CAD - 1001131,

Wires Clearing USD - 1001132.

How can I do the configuration with this setup? Can I use masking if I want to? If so how?

I tried to setup Account Symbols and Posting Rules for CAD and USD but the problem is that the external transaction type code from the bank is only one for each transaction type. For example 475 is for cheques outgoing and SAP does not allow me to use 475 for CAD and USD both. It says entry already exists.

Any Guidance/Input would be greatly appreciated