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Electronic Bank Statement in SAP - How to setup configuration for Foreign Currency Transactions

I am configuring Electronic Bank Statement Functionality for one of my clients and using BA12 format.. The Main Bank GL and the Sub accounts for clearing in Canadian Dollar and US Dollar are setup as follows in the Chart of Accounts. They only have transactions in CAD and USD. CAD is the local currency

Main Bank CAD - 1001101,

Main Bank USD - 1001102,

Cheque Clearing CAD - 1001111,

Cheque Clearing USD - 1001112,

ACH clearing CAD - 1001121,

ACH Clearing USD - 1001122,

Wires Clearing CAD - 1001131,

Wires Clearing USD - 1001132.

How can I do the configuration with this setup? Can I use masking if I want to? If so how?

I tried to setup Account Symbols and Posting Rules for CAD and USD but the problem is that the external transaction type code from the bank is only one for each transaction type. For example 475 is for cheques outgoing and SAP does not allow me to use 475 for CAD and USD both. It says entry already exists.

Any Guidance/Input would be greatly appreciated

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8 Answers

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    Posted on Nov 02, 2018 at 02:25 PM

    Hi Arun,

    You have two options here:

    Option 1- go for masking

    Step 1: Account symbols: Main Bank +++++++

    Chec Clearing +++++1+

    ACH Clearning +++++2+ etc..

    Step 2: Posting rules: PRCK- Check Dr

    Main Bank Cr

    Step 3: Assign posting rule to BTC in transaction type (TTYP)


    Step 4: Assign Bank accounts to transaction types:

    Bank Key1-USD Account - TTYP (transaction type)

    Bank Key1-CAD Account - TTYP (Transaction type)

    That's the best way can do it. in the BAI2 statement you receive you will Account number, Currency, based on that system can take care of everything.

    Option 2- without masking

    Step 1: Account symbols:

    Main Bank USA-1001102

    Check USA-1001112

    Main bank cad-1001101

    check cad-1001111

    Step 2: posting rules:

    PR1 - Check USA Dr to Main Bank usd Cr

    pr2: check cad Dr to Maint bank cad Cr

    Step 3: Assign posting rule to BTC in transaction type

    475-PR1 in TTYP1

    475-PR2 in TTYP2

    Step 4:

    Assign Bank accounts to transaction types:

    Bank Key1-USD Account - TTYP1 (transaction type)

    Bank Key1-CAD Account - TTYP2 (Transaction type)

    I would go with Option 1.

    Please appreciate my answer without fail, it took me almost 30 minutes to just compose this for you :P

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  • Posted on Oct 31, 2018 at 07:08 PM

    Your scenario bit resembles with my scenario. In my scenario, EBS was implemented 1 year after the implementation. We normally follow the that Main Bank GL will end with 01 series and 02 and 03 for sub account so we can use masking for other company code GL account's but for 5 company code have different main bank and sub bank account and none of them are identical so I can't use the masking funda. I thought to use BADI but later I realize you can adjust this with the simple trick by creating new account symbols for every company code. Assign each every account symbols to different GL. Remaining all the configuration will be the same, no need to worry about external transaction type because other accounts symbols will also use the same external transaction type :)

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  • Posted on Nov 07, 2018 at 09:09 PM

    Hi Srinivasalu,

    Greatly appreciate your response. We are still testing them out and I did not have any luck as yet. Please advise about the clearing. How do we take care of Cheque/ACH and Wires Clearing? Some of my coworkers told me that EBS only posts to the clearing account as an open item but does not clear open items. How do I do this? Do I need to use any algorithm or search string? If so, how can they be used in this scenario?


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  • Posted on Nov 08, 2018 at 06:59 PM

    Hi Arun,

    I will explain check clearing:

    at the time of payment you post an entry

    Vendor Dr

    Check clearing account Cr

    now when your check is en cashed, the entry would be

    Check Clearing account Dr

    Main Bank Cr

    1. Now when you are defining your posting rule do the following:

    select - 4 for Post Type, this means you are trying post a 'Debit clearing posting' using the posting rule.

    2. when assigning External transaction type to posting rule:

    select 11 for 'Interpretation algorithm'

    Note: when testing

    1. make sure you already have "Check clearing account Cr" entry for equal amount before posting your EBS "check clearing account Dr"

    2. check number you used in payment document has to come in the EBS bank statement in the 'Notes" field.

    Clearing while posting entries using EBS is absolutely possible.

    Thank you,


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  • Posted on Nov 08, 2018 at 09:40 PM

    Thanks so much Sree for your detailed explanation. I am very clear about the accounting entries. My question is what triggers the clearing? Is it using 4 for post type triggers clearing? So I have defined posting rule as:

    Posting Rule 0201 for cheque clearing - Posting Area 1, Debit - I have maintained only the account symbol 02 which is Cheques Clearing Sub Account, Credit I have maintained Posting Key 50 and Acct Symbol -01 which is main bank account. Document Type ZV, Posting Type 4 and posting on acct key-40. I have maintained algorithm number 11

    Is this correct?

    Also, we are using the BAI2 file format for EBS. The cheque number comes like this in the file. Cheque Number here is 250040





    My question - When we upload the EBS file into SAP, How does the system know how to clear this cheque? Where will it match the cheque number and clear it?

    Once I have this working, I will ask you how to clear ACH and Wires. Hope the logic is same!



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  • Posted on Nov 08, 2018 at 10:05 PM

    One more question Sree - transaction FB01 is blocked in our company and EBS job invokes FB01 to post SA document type (like a Journal Entry). If we want to post bank charges, then FB01 is used by EBS job (FF_5) to post directly to bank charges G/L Debit and Main Bank Account G/L Credit. Since this is blocked, no user is able to use this transaction. Can we change the FF_5 program to use any other transaction instead of FB01?Is there a way this can be resolved? because if any user executed FF_5, the bank charge and all those transactions will not post because there is no authorization for FB01.


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  • Posted on Nov 13, 2018 at 06:56 PM

    1. yes that posting type in the definition of posting rule is what specifies clearing. here in your case you should use Debit clearing posting type in posting rule. meaning you want to post both debit and clearing entry on your check sub account. And if I remember it correctly, I don't think you would be able to give posting key in the posting rule on clearing account, system automatically determines it.

    2. the interpretation algorithm says you clearing is based on what? if you choose 11 as your interpretation algorithm it takes check number from your EBS notes and tries to find the corresponding credit entry from check clearing account which has the same check number in it.

    3. and also while posting in FF_5 screen, you would need to enter the BELNR and XBLNR range for the automatic clearing to work.

    4. your EBS file looks good to me as per check number. for ach and other methods you can try the same.

    5. if FB01 is blocked for use and cant' be unblocked then take ABAP team help and try to trigger different t-code than FB01 from EBS program. but remember it may be a cumbersome process.

    Thank you,


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  • Posted on Nov 15, 2018 at 11:40 PM

    Thanks a lot Sree. I have some comments as below:

    1 – I did a test for ACH and Wires using the Debit Clearing posting type in posting (#4). The posting works fine but the clearing is not happening. FF_5 just posts the transaction in the ACH and Wire clearing account as an open item. Should I be using Clear Debit Subledger Account (#7) instead of clear debit G/L account (#4) on the posting type? Also one more problem is that the company is not populating any assignment or text field while doing the ACH and Wires transaction. Nothing is being populated for assignment or reference for ACH or Wires. The bank said they can send the clearing document number as a reference for ACH and Wires. Is there an algorithm that uses the clearing document to clear documents? One more problem here is that the clearing document that the bank would send will have a prefix for ACH and Wires. For example the clearing document number would be ACH2000051 for ACH and WIRE2000052 for Wires. I am not sure how I can shave off the prefix to use the clearing document as the parameter to clear the documents.

    2 – I checked the Check clearing account and when I open the ZP document, check number is not being populated in the ZP document. How would the system recognize which check to clear? Is this something that can be addressed by changing the sort key on the GL master data? Would that populate check number in the ZP clearing document? If not, how would I populate check number so that I can use 11 as my interpretation algorithm? The bank is sending the check number in the notes. When you say notes, you are referring to the transaction details in the EBS file correct?

    3 – Do I need to enter a range for BELNR (Document Number) and XBLNR (Reference)? Do I need to keep changing the range or can it be saved as a variant? How do I use this?

    4 – Okay

    5 – Okay

    Additional Questions:

    6 – When I uploaded the EBS file dated Jan 26th, the system posted the entries on Jan 26th. Is there a way I can post in different date, for example I want to post in next posting period on Feb 3rd.?

    7 – For example, If I upload the EBS file and 2 out of 10 transactions did not post because of an error. How do I process those 2 transactions after I fix the error?

    8 – How do I award points to you for all the help?

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