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Nov 25, 2009 at 03:44 AM

How to load data in Document Currency?


Dear All,

I have a situation where i am required to display the sales and order values in Document Currency as well as Statistics Currency. I am using 0SD_C03 with standard update rules for InfoObjects 0SUBTOT_1S to 0SUBTOT_6S which give me perfect output in Statistics Currency which are mapped with Communication Structure 0SUBTOTAL_1 to 0SUBTOTAL_6 InfoObjects repectively via individual routines. Also i have used 0SUBTOTAL_1 to 0SUBTOTAL_6 InfoObjects in the InfoCube 0SD_C03 with direct mapping again with Communication Structure InfoObjects 0SUBTOTAL_1 to 0SUBTOTAL_6 with direct InfoObject Assignment in the Update Rules.

Here in this scenario I am getting the values in Statistics Currency in 0SUBTOT_1S to 0SUBTOT_6S perfectly but the problem is i am getting values translated Statistics Curr in 0SUBTOTAL_1 to 0SUBTOTAL_6 too.

I hope the scenario is clear to all of you. I am mapping the infoobjects 0SUBTOTAL_1 with two InfoObjects 0SUBTOT_1S and 0SUBTOTAL_1 in update rules. one is with routine and one is direct assignment. Should this work or is there any other way around to achieve the requirement?.

- Kushal