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Former Member
Nov 24, 2009 at 08:20 PM

Reverse a settled contract with out of date product configuration


While trying to execute TPM_Initialize to initialize a new posting valuation area one of my old test contracts in our development environment threw an error. Since this contract was created with a product type we do not use and never will use in our production environment I attempted to reverse the contract from its settled state using FTR_edit. The contract then threw another error, 'Recording Position Management: Error during distribution 0100 237'. Please note that 237 is the contract/transaction number. I am guessing that some piece of config. for that product type has been changed.

I looked through the product type and position management configuration and did not notice anything that would cause this error. Is there a report/program that can be used to delete contracts like this from a develop environment? I would hope there is something similar to the report used to delete valuation area data for development environments. Any ideas on a way to cleanse this contract or config. to change?