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Nov 24, 2009 at 03:20 PM

Data Services transport and development strategy



Can anyone provide any advice on how to manage a Data Service job from Development to Production?

When I develop a data flow job with source flat files it is easy and I can you substitution parameters to describe file path and change the file path names when I migrate my .ATL file from one repository to another.

How do I handle developement if I am extracting data from a physical source SAP table. I.e. I develop the job with a source Dev SAP table, then when I am convinced that my matching rules and scripts are correct I want to migrate job to production and make the source table a PRD SAP table.

Would I have to physically delete the source table and replace it from the DS object explorer with the correct PRD SAP table?

Any thoughts would be most helpful and interesting to discuss. Thanks.

- BJ