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Nov 24, 2009 at 02:01 PM

How do I enhance Feature GBPGL (PE03) with field PERNR



We are using feature GBPGL and as part of decision tree we need the PERNR value passed to this feature.

I have appended structure PME02 with the PERNR field and have added this successfully to the decision tree i.e:

000010 D ABKRS

000020 10 D PERNR

000030 10 00440070 &GBPGL=01.06.2009,

000040 10 ******** &GBPGL=01.05.2009,

When it hits pernr 440070 it should return date 01.06.2009, however although the ABKRS field is filled, the PERNR field has no value. Thus, when the feature is run for pernr 440070 it goes to line 40 (above) and returns a date of 01.05.2009.

The data is correct in that I have an absence for the period in which I am running the payroll calculation.

I need to know how to pass the value in PERNR to my feature?