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Nov 24, 2009 at 01:48 PM

Std Cost Calculation in Sales Order - EK02 and by T-Code CK11N



I have repharsed my question and described it point wise as still i am unbale to solve. Please help.

1. I have defined a new cost relevance indicator Y with 110%. the managements wants to see 10% extra cost in the sales order on some meterials of the BOM. This is working fine with the costing variant defined for sales order costing EK02.

2. When i run cost by CK11n, it calculates cost based only on indicator X irrespective of what indicator has been defined in the BOM, which is also ok.

3.Further, the costing variants defined iin steps 1 and 2 are different and both are maintained by different T.Codes, OKY9 & OKKN

4. We need a new csoting variant for sales order costing that calculates cost same as CK11n, I ahve tried but it calculates cost based on the indicator defined in BOM

5. I want to understand exactly where in the configuration of casting varaint (OKY9) or configuration of cost relevance indicator (OS21) what do i have to change to take the effect

Appreciate your support