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Nov 24, 2009 at 12:59 PM

Serial Number Profile in repetetive manufacturing :-


Hi all ,

I have a issue related to use serial number profile in repetetive manufacturing industry.

In my client scenario there is one finished good product which is produced internally inside the plant where repetetive manufacturing scenario is using by using 'mfbf' or 'mf42n' transaction.In this both we are doing GR & GI posting together in one shot.

Here one more scenario is that, one semifinished good is also consuming while manufacturing the finished good(repetetive) & the same semifinished good is produced in different plant by descrete manufacturing & consumed in this plant where repetetive is going on inside the finished good.

In both the cases they want to use serial no.

1. For semifinished good which is a finished good for a plant & then transfered or sell to different plant .

2. For finished good manufactured by repetetive method.

Here the problem is after getting the stock of semifinished good i have got the serial no. & then transfered the same serial no. to the new plant . at the time of manufactre finished good system is asking serial no. for finished good & consuming the semifinished good but here i also want to consume or capture serial no. of semifinished good.

How to consume this serial no. of semifinished good , means pop up should come for both the material finished good & semifinished good.

I am using two different serial no. profile for both the product with stock check indicator as 2.

Serializing procedure for semifinished good :- MMSL 03 01 & PPSF 03 01

Serializing procedure for finished good :- PPSF 03 01

I would be highly thankfull to you if you provide the best solution .


Piyush Sharma