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Nov 24, 2009 at 11:19 AM




I'v got a Problem 😉

At my report (generated with CR 11) is a formularfield located, witch calculates a string used for barcode-font. For our customers we use some applications once with the runtimefiles and viewes from Crystal 8.5 and on the other hand crystal 11. It works without problems. But this formularfield formatted with the barcode-font works different on using viewer CR 11 in contrast using CR 85. By viewing this report, generated with the engine of CR 11, the Ascii-sign 129 is missing. So the barcode can no be read from the scanner. Using the same formularfield with same dates on CR 85-report viewing with the 8.5 viewer - all works. We swap the font, printers, drivers for printers repeatedly always the same result. If the barcodefont isn't installed, you can see the string but in the preview and printout of the report generated with cr 11 is missing Ascii-sign 129. But only at one costumer. Using the same Report (Cr 11) with exact the similar dates at our environment or at our other customers it works. What should be the problem? All our costomers using the same runtimfiles for the 11 and 8.5 crystal with the latest updates, patches and monthly hotfixes. The formluar functioned definitively. What is the differnt between Cr 85 an Cr 11 by using fonts? I'm deeply grateful for any tip.