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Nov 24, 2009 at 10:49 AM

IDoc XML Conversion Issue


Hi Exerts,

When IDoc sent from R/3 got successfully loaded with all segments in WE02 wihtout overlapping,

I find the data gets overlapped in XML only for a deep routed structure in sxi_monitor, while WE02 has no issue for it.

Analysis made:

1. IDoc details had been checked for the field which has 18 digits, but at XML it receives only 5 digits after which it loads to next element of that structure.

2. When i crosschecked with cache, it was fine and i even activated once with the updated metatdata from R/3.


1. From R/3 end, everything looks fine by analyzing WE02, i also checked by running IDOC_XML_TRANSFORM, but this XML has generated the proper data as seen in WE02. Where did it get this issue for overlapping in Integration engine? Will R/3 use this standard function module to transform to XML message or any else that creates this unknown error?

2. I activated the complete objects in repository and also checked the cache status, but still it gets me the same overlapping at XML under the Inbound message. Could anyone kindly clarify why this happens?

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