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Nov 24, 2009 at 10:02 AM

Deadline Branche in Correlation Process - Best Practice



I have an integration process with a correlation - there is a asynchronous send step which activates a correlation and afterwards an asynchronous receive step that uses that correlation.

Furthermore I have a deadline branch to cancel the process after 24 hours.

My question now is:

There could be (rare) cases where a message arrives later than 24 hours, so according to my understanding the received message will block the inbound queue as no active correlation can be found anymore. Is this correct? How can I avoid this situation, I guess a blocked queue would also block other messages that are sent to the integration process?

What would be best practice to handle such a scenario? I could leave the process intance open for 1 month, however this might have a significant impact on system performance.....

Thank you for your advice.