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Nov 24, 2009 at 04:47 AM

Receiver in HTTP Adapter


Hi guru's..

I've build a PI System which hit to 3rd party web using HTTP Adapter. I've got several problem that i want to ask.

1. i got the web to hit from 3rd party is http://webtest:58080/sapinterface/sapapproval, Does it correct path or not? should this url refer to page using asp or html or php or etc ?

2. if i hit this web using IE, it will be show an empty page ? is that correct or not?

3. when i try to hit this page using PI, the status sometimes "Recorded for outbound processing" or "HTTP client code 400 reason. ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION FAILED". What should i do to solve this matter?

4. i set the communication channel with these parameters, please correct me if i'm wrong to set it.

Adapter Type : HTTP SAP BASIS 7.00

choice Receiver

Transport Protocol : HTTP 1.0

Message Protocol : XI Payload in HTTP Body

Adapter Engine : Integration Server

Addressing Type : URL Address

Target Host : webtest

Service Number : 58080

Path Prefix : sapinterface/sapapproval

HTTP Proxy Host : (null)

HTTP Proxy Port : (null)

thanks in advance. i need your help.