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Nov 23, 2009 at 01:56 PM

Problem with CanGrow and justified in CR9


Hi. We have a VC++ 6.0 application that uses Crystal Reports 8.5 with RDC and ReportCreationAPI. We're trying to update it to Crystal Reports 9.

Because of the 256 character limit of formulas in CR8.5, when we had to put dynamic text that may be larger than 256 characters we used this solution:

- At design time, insert in the report designer a section that only contains a text field with the size of one line (about 0,4 units of height), with the "cangrow" option checked, and using justified align.

- At runtime fill that text field using the SetText method.

This method has been working without problems in Crystal Reports 8.5, but with Crystal Reports 9 the justify on this text fields are wrong (last words in each line are splitted in two lines).

If I make the text fields larger, then the justify is done good, so it seems some kind of problem with CanGrow and Justified.

Aparently I don't have this kind of problems with formulas, just with TextObjects.

Any solution to this problem?