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Nov 23, 2009 at 01:58 PM

Pricing routine and standard pricing redermination


Dear SAP friends,

In one of pricing procedure, we have 4 custom pricing routines assigned to condition types. Since our base price is MRP, pricing procedure is configured as Top to deducting discounts, taxes...other conditions and arrive base trade price.

There are certain condition types for which no pricing routine is assigned.

Cuurently, in copying controls, pricing type assigned is "Copy pricing elements unchanged and redetermined taxes". So, except tax condition records, all other conditions are copied as unchanged but...for the conditions which are being assigned with pricing routines are perfroming as per logic assigned to them.

Now customer wants to go for redetermining all condition types during incoice document in pricing type.

Can anyone tell me that...if pricing type is changed to "Carry out new pricing" all my condition records get redetermined as per validity dates.

If all are redetermined as per Std. redetermination my conidtion types which are assigned with pricing routine will also perform as per Std determination or they perform as per the logic in pricing routine.

which will be in priority whille redtermining conidtion records during invoice document. Either custom pricing routine or std pricing redetermination.

Thanks & regards,