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Former Member
Nov 23, 2009 at 10:36 AM

Problem in using SD_DELIVERY_UPDATE_PICKING_1 - Picked Quantity


Dear All,

I am are facing a strange issue while using the FM SD_DELIVERY_UPDATE_PICKING_1. We have developed a custom program which calls the above FM to update the picked quantity ( PIKMG ) field in an Inbound Delivery order.

The FM is working fine for most cases, but for some articles in a Delivery order ( VL02N) , when the same delivery order is updated twice or more with this FM , the picked qty gets added up with the old qty.

Eg. Previous picked Qty is 6 CAR , I call the FM and populate the picked Qty field = 8 CAR. Now instead of the delivery order being updated with picked qty 8 CAR it shows up as 14 CAR.

This happens only in the case of few articles, for the rest of the articles the picked field is updated with the new value. I have checked the conversion factor for the problematic articles in material Master and they seem to be fine. Any suggestion on why this could happen ? Any help will be highly appreciated.