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Nov 23, 2009 at 08:56 AM

create validity period for business partners


Dear Experts,

We are using ABAP to create and update business partners.

The creation of a BUPA - using Function BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA u2013 works well, a BUPA (which is valid 01.01.0001 to 31.12.9999) is created.

To modify an existing BUPA we use the Function BAPI_BUPA_CENTRAL_CHANGE which works good as well.

However, we want to keep the history!

Consequently the update should not just change u2013 say the name2 u2013 but create a new validity period from today to 31.12.9999 using the new name2 and keep the old data in the initial validity period (of cause that one must be limited to last only form 01.01.0001 until yesterday)

If the name2 is changed on 20.10.2009 that means the resulting BUPA should look like this:

validity period 01.01.0001 to 19.10.2009: old name2

validity period 20.10.2009 to 31.12.9999: new name2

Does anybody know a Function to work with time dependency like that?

We are looking forward to reading your ideas.


Christof Lange

Edited by: Christof Lange on Nov 26, 2009 9:06 AM