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Nov 23, 2009 at 07:12 AM

Weekly/Monthly Snapshot Report



I have now three cubes Daily,Weekly and Monthly cubes...

I had made copy of the daily cubes as weekly and monthly.. There is no difference as such structure wise...

But what extra i need to do to make these weekly snapshot report and monthly snapshot report..

Now all three cubes are added in multiprovider and multiprovider was used in the definition of the query..

For daily cube report though, i had simply restricted infoprovider as daily cube and designed the query..

But what about weekly and monthly snapshot reports?

as snapshot reports are basically meant for comparing time periods how i could achive the same in reporting?

What i am contemplating as follows:

1) Since these are comparing different times ( for weekly snapshot, you must have at least two different weeks of data to compare ) i guess we need to include a time chararistic 0CALWEEK for Weekly snapshot, 0CALMONTH for Monthly snapshot..

But even after including this time charactristic, how i would be comparing?

i am not clear on how to creata a snapshot report

What one has to do in the weekly and monthly cube to be able to compare the data on weekly/monthly basis?