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Oct 31, 2018 at 06:03 PM

EC ECP PTP issues



I'm working on EC-ECP integration through PTP. I'm facing few issues blocking my progress.

(1)The ECP by standard is not permitting external personnel numbers. As such Personnel number generated by ECP and Employee number in EC is different. Are there any means to keep EC employee number the same as ECP personnel number?

(2) - I do not want to replicate values for some fields like Religion into ECP. However if these fields has values maintained in EC, the integration fails in ECP. Besides, these fields are not mandatry in ECP. Is there any means to exclude these fields from mapping.

(3) I need to link the field Previous Personnel number in Employement information in EC to previous previous personnel number in IT0032. I checked the extensibility configuration but it does not carry fields from employment information and that it only carries information related to personal information, jon information and compensation information. Is there any means to link these two fields?

I would be very grateful for all the valubale replies.