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Nov 22, 2009 at 12:20 PM

Number ranges for CRM_SERVIC



When I send message from external system, message gets internal number, for example, 800000100 (this number is visible for user). In CRM_DNO_MONITOR I see that created message, besides 800000100 number, has external number 99990000017. Is it possible to make 99990000017 number visible for user?

I also customized number range according recommendation:

Number range object ABA basis message (transaction DNO_NOTIF):

01 000000000001 000000999999 extern

02 009999000000 009999999999 intern

Number range object for service message in CRM (transaction CRMC_NR_RA_SERVICE):

01 0000000001 0000999999 intern

02 9999000000 9999999999 extern

In spro (define transaction type) I assigned 01 (for internal) and 02 (for external) ranges.

How can I fix it?