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Nov 22, 2009 at 06:11 AM

Shelf life in 7.0


Hi Experts,

We are in SCM7.0. Does SNP considers shelflife in 7.0.

In the scenario, we have a product with shelf life 5 days , Planned order is created today and demand is on 7th day. So Once we run the optimizer it should not use this planned order on 7th as its already expired , but should generate new planned order.

Shelflife planning active in product master.

In optmizier profile we have dispose expired product , Once we set that and running the opt , its considering the stock on hand , instead it should have condered the stock on hand (Shelf Life) .

So all it gives is alerts , but its of no use as optimizer has to be used to generate the results using various alternatives ,and the first option is stock , if it plans using expired stock , all the other options will not be considered.

Do any body implemented shelflife considering the shelflife of demand, planned orders,stock .

Please give how to go about it .