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Oct 31, 2018 at 10:16 AM

Avoid CO1P when using BAPI to confirm

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Hi guru,

I want to ask here before go to SAP Support.

In our design, most of plants are using BAPI to confirm production order with auto GR and backflush. According to SAP, due to technical reason the automatic good movements always be posted in update task when using BAPI and that's causing many CO1P records currently.

Also in our design, normally after confirmation we need to post stock transfer to next production line immediately. We cannot post stock transfer if GR is pending in CO1P. That problem is causing delay in our business operations because they cannot clear themselves. We have background job to clear every hour but still not good enough because we need stock immediately after confirmation.

My question is, do you know any solution to reduce or event eliminate CO1P totally?