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Nov 20, 2009 at 05:42 PM

play with workflow container data


Hello experts,

I have one workflow element ( multiline ) inside workflow container.

The multiline element gets populated after a method call in a previous step.

Now I want to play around with the data of this multiline element.

Say, I want to create a step of email with this data.

How do I ---

1. access only say 2nd and 4th column of this multiline element (which has say 10 columns and 10 rows of data populated from previous step ) and send it in mail ? In mail I see only the first row or the whole

body of the multiline element as variables in 'insert expression'.

2. access the last two rows of the table ( multilne element ) and send only these two lines in mail?

3. add the numerical values of all the rows ? or specific rows ?

I know there is a 'Container operation' step but it does n't seem to help the above requirements( or at best the mathematical calcs.)

Thanks for all the help,

~ abaper