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Nov 20, 2009 at 04:00 PM

Enhance the "parameter entry" screen of a crystal report in infoview


Is there a method to enhance the "parameter entry" screen of a crystal report when executed through infoview/cmc?

(background - migrating reports from bi portal to bobj / infoview)

1 - A report is created in crystal based off of a BeX query.

2 - The .rpt is published

3 - Navigate to report in infoview / cmc

4 - Selection screen, or "parameter entry" fields are displayed.

5 - Enter values in the "new value" field, and then we see the "current value" field.

Our users are resistant and asking if this can be altered. We are pushing back, but I wanted to check with experts first. I'm posting this in general, b/c I'm not sure where this task might be accomplished.

We currently have the bi portal, and consider it more user friendly. I base this on our users feeling it's more intuitive, and also there are less "clicks" to enter the desired data. I also have not seen the ability to save variants, or report entry criteria through infoview, or the "check" values button.

Is this just a limitation we live with?

Can visual studio be leverage in any way?

Can WebElements be used?