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Nov 20, 2009 at 11:22 AM

preventive maintenance of equipment on operating hours basis.


Dear All,

My client is performing Preventive Maintenance for Air Compressor which is on Operating Houru2019s basis.

For this I have created one measuring point as counter which have Annual estimate for the object to which the counter applies.

For the entire Air Compressoru2019s I have created one strategy which has following strategy parameters & maintenance packages.

Scheduling indicator: Activity

Strategy unit: OPH

Call Horizon: 100%

Every 3000 operating hours

Every 9000 operating hours

Every 18.000 operating hours

One general Task list is created with proper assignment of maintenance packageu2019s to each operations.

Then I have created maintenece plan with above strategy & general task list by using tcode IP42. also counter is assigned to plan.

Before scheduling I have created one measurement document for that counter reading recorded is as 3000 hrs.

While scheduling maintenance plan when I click on start button one pop come up for entering start of cycle where I have entered as 3000 hours then one call is generated with status u201CNew start save to callu201D now when I go for saving the schedule system gives me error u201CNo task list selectedu201D

Actually whenever counter is reached like every 3000 operating hours & so on system must create maintenance order but that is not happening.

I am not getting what I have missed in this process. How I can resolved this problem to achieve operating hours basis preventive maintenance.

Thanks & Regards,