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Nov 20, 2009 at 03:48 AM

Rounding profile issue


hi gurus,

We have defined a dynamic rounding profile which is 100% Car up 30% Lay up and 60% Pal up.

Rounding method is 2.

In rounding rule we have defined for CAR 100% rounding up and no entries in % Down.

LAY 30% rounding up and 29.9% in rounding down.

PAL 60% rounding up and 59.9% in rounding down.

My material is Basic unit of measure EA.

1 car = 6 Each.

1 Lay = 156 Each.

1 Pal = 1248 each.

order unit is maintained as CAR. during purchase order entry system is asking to enter quantity even i enter 200 as order quantity, so i entered 800 system rounded off to 832 cartons.

Gurus, I want to understand how system reacts to this when we enter purchase orders regarding rounding profile.

What happens when we order in car, lay and pal.

If some one can explain me with reference to example stated above. That would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance gurus.

Kind regards,