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Nov 19, 2009 at 06:03 PM

Mail to be trigger for blocked vendors during F110 execution


Hi Experts,

We have blocked the vendors as per our requirement and while executing F110(4.6C version),it is ensuring that no payment is made to the respective vendors.Even we are able to see the blocked vendors in Exception log.

But as per my requirement there should be email to be trigerred picking up all the blocked vendors while executing the payment run F110.

We have created one variant to the program called "ZRFFOUS_C" by copying the "RFFOUS_C",and configured to one payment method called "I" at FBZP(country code level).

Details for variant are Company Code,Payment Method(A to Z),House Bank,Account ID,Check lot.

In that program at GET REGUH i am collecting all the vendor which comes for payment and seperating the blocked vendor in one table and trying to send mail

Now the mail is not triggered properly..

is it becoz we have done it a wrong way or some configurations needs to be done

we have tried sending email from SAP directly it is working fine

and more over we need to send the mail irrespective of bank account,lot number , account id considering we are about to create each and each variant for it. we have about 12 to 13 bank account so creating 12 programs will occupy lots of bytes is there any way to avoid this

please throw light on this

with regards