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Nov 19, 2009 at 02:40 AM

SAP J2EE Engine Open Alerts


Hi All,

We are working on MII 12.0, initially we had few scheduled jobs running smoothly. Now after introducing several scheduled jobs, none of them are running automatically, even the scheduler logs are empty. However when I manually click on "RUN" button in schedule Editor I can see them in logs and they are actually triggered.

We also upgraded the application to the latest version with patches and disabled all the scheduled jobs but for one. No Luck.

When I compare J2EE Engine Open alerts and logs of working instance with the other instance which is not working properly this is what I found.

1) Used Memory Rate u2013 94% > 80% which is above threshold.

2) Waiting Tasks Count u2013 2 > 0 which is above threshold.

3) Total Log File Size u2013 above threshold.

When I restart the J2EE engine, this instance doesn't restart immediately, it says some processes are not running because of these open alerts.

I assume the scheduled jobs are not running perhaps because of these memory issues, is there any way I can increase the threshold or any other alternative solution for this?

Any Help is much appreciated.