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Nov 18, 2009 at 07:02 PM

Variable Screen Dilemma With RRI


In our portal all of our queries were not getting the variable screen so we made the fix in our standard template zanalysis_pattern.

The only problem with that is the RRI's are getting the variable screen as well. This is not desirable.

Here are some options I thought of:

a) I looked in RSBBS and tried to add some kind of logic there to get the original template 0analysis_pattern, but could not find any method to include it there.

b) In RSBBS call a new template as the receiver instead of the query. The only problem there is that I need a template for each query.

c) Seems like there should be some kind of functionality where I could add the specific queries to the default template zanalysis_pattern and turn off the variable screen for them.

I need to solve this today so any help will be extremely approciated.