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Nov 18, 2009 at 01:44 PM

Join of thre tables - index VLPMA, LIPS, VBUP



I woud like to ask you about help. I have to do performance tuning of one program wich runs very long. I noticed, that the biggest problem is in join of three tables LIKP, LIPS and VBUP. I replaced original table LIKP by index table VLPMA and it helped - mainly when a material is filled in on select-option s_matnr. But the run is still very long. DO you have any idea what more could I do with the select? Ist there any index table similar to lips?

select lipslgort vlpmavbeln vlpmaposnr vlpmamatnr vlpma~kunnr

lipslgmng lipsmeins into table ilips

from vlpma inner join vbup on vbupvbeln eq vlpmavbeln and

vbupposnr eq vlpmaposnr

inner join lips on vlpmavbeln eq lipsvbeln and

vlpmaposnr eq lipsposnr

where vlpma~matnr in s_matnr and

lips~lgort in s_lgort and

vbup~wbsta ne 'C' and

vbup~kosta ne 'C' .

Thanks a lot

Miloslav Pudil