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[Feature or bug?] Q&A not filtered by followed tag

Hi all,

I was wondering if it's a choice or just a bug that opening the link the Q&A are not filtered by the followed tags

As user, if i follow some specific tags and you list them on the page, i expect to see only topics related to those tags.

Wouldn't be better to have a menu under Q&A where i can open directly the Q&A filtered for my followed tags?

Not big deal, but it's just a bit confusing as user experience because i always wonder if the topics have some secondary tag hidden somewhere or whatelse.

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  • At one point, about a year ago, there was a prototype of that page that had all followed tags which each had a checkbox associated along the RH side. In order to display a subset of those followed tags, one only had to check with tags you wanted to display. The new Q&A does not feature such functionality. As I no longer have access to my SAP Emails, I am unsure of the time frame involved, but it was quite a few months ago. I am also unsure if it was on a member's "Personal Page" or on one of the main entry points.

    As I said, this was just a prototype, but I know I was pretty excited to see it back in the day. As Vadim pointed out, this was a long time ago requested feature.

    Cheers, Mike Appleby

  • Feel free to submit your feature suggestion,, we will be evaluating suggestions for the Q2 roadmap throughout Q1 of 2019.

1 Answer

  • Posted on Oct 30, 2018 at 08:40 AM

    Hi Simone!

    You are talking about multiple tags filter. I have posted this requirement 1,5 years ago:

    Still no changes!

    P.S. Looks like SAP developers are simply unable to implement this feature: may be due to platform restrictions or...

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    • Simone Milesi

      "I do not want to have multiple filters on tag, but if i see those multiple filters on the right column, i expect the data is filtered by them." - this is exactly what I am talking about! You follow multiple tags and you want to see all questions with all followed tags on one page - filter by multiple tags.

      With the new Community you can filter only by single tag.