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Nov 18, 2009 at 07:22 AM

print smart form multiple time with change title


Hello Experts,

i am printing a note that can be printed upto 4 times according to the user input in check buttons on the selection screen.

user need to check the print preview. so I cant omit the dialogue box.

selection screen have 4 check buttons:

1. original

2. transporter

3. seller

4. extra

user can select any combination or all of them. Smart form will be same except the title "Transporter copy"

what i have done is i call FM multiple times from print program according to the condition with a input parameter G_top_text in which i pass the title text required.

But the problem is user need to back from one copy and again face the dialogue this repeats again n again.

can i create the multiple pages in the smart form and can call them according to the user input...... or some thing else...

please suggest..

Thanks in advance