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Nov 18, 2009 at 02:23 AM

Adding Fields to New Hire SAP Script, Text ID PAMA


Hi there,

I have successfully created a sapscript email to be sent via Dynamic Actions for the notification of New Hires and Terminations. This has been accomplished via feature M0001 (we have created two new features u2013 M00NH & M00TM), dynamic action (T588z), Business Workplace, distribution lists, etc. All are working correctly, and an email is being generated and forwarded to appropriate parties.

Now we have been asked to add extra fields to the SAP Script text for New Hire and Termination. These are text fields for Employee Group, Employee Subgroup, among others.

Our syntax has been set up as follows:

&'Employee Group: 'P0001-PERSG(02)&

&'Employee Group Text: 'T501T-PTEXT(20)&

&'Employee Subgroup: 'P0001-PERSG(02)&

&'Employee Subgroup Text: 'T503T-PTEXT(20)&

For the New Hire action, we are getting the Employee group and Employee subgroup codes to display but we are NOT getting the Employee Group or Employee Subgroup texts to display. To confuse the issue, we ARE getting these text fields to display for the Termination script. Our ABAP'er is also having difficulty determining how to bring in these fields to the New Hire script.

We have researched this website have tried the instructions given by one user..... which states that we needed to go to our SAPscript text and make the following changes:

" To get other HR data into your standard text (from SO10):

Insert > Symbols > Program symbols (now you'll see a list of print programs, and i guess this is where the ABAP grabs the data).

Highlight the one for HR Master data, and click the DDIC button.

Double click the table you need data from (e.g P0000, P0001 or P0002).

Finally select the field you want."

I have done this, but when I get to the Program symbols, I do not see a print program for HR Master Data. I only see RPUCOB02 - Processing of Qualifying COBRA Events and Letters & SAPMSSCE - SAPscript Standard Text Maintenance.

I tried to use the RPUCOB02 and inserted the text for Employee Subgroup as a test. But it did not work as the text still did not display.

The other oddity is that for the Termination sapscript text, the Employee Group and Employee Subgroup text displays correctly. To test our syntax, we then connect the Termination sapscript text to the 'New Hire' action and reran the New Hire action. The Employee Group and Employee Subgroup text fields then disappeared. So it worked when the action was a termination, but did not work when the action was New Hire.

The difference between these two actions is that the feature for the sapscript generation for New Hires is being generated upon saving of I0002 (which is created AFTER I0001) - we needed the Employee's name in the text. For the Termination action, the feature is set to generate the mail upon saving of I0001. This is the only difference between the two. But as I need the employee name to display, it seemed the best approach. I did try to generate the New Hire sapscript after saving of I0008, but had the same problem.

Does anyone know how we can add text fields to our New Hire sapscript text and actually get them to display? We would also like to display the Org Unit text (&'ORGEH_2nd_TEXT(40)&) or even the Supervisor (from the OM relationship). But they do not display for the New Hire sapscript either. And our ABAP'er is able to insert the Supervisor logic, but the field still does not display.

Thanks very much for any help.

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