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Nov 17, 2009 at 01:47 PM

WF Check function module does not get Current transaction data


Hi Experts,

We have deployed a Quality Notification Workflow in our system recently, the WF is designed to work as below.

1. Send out a email to the Responsible person assigned in the QN item task when the QN task is created. (BUS Object QMSM Event Created)

2. Similarly send out a email when the Person responsible is changed(Email to be triggered to the new Person responsible).(BUS Object QMSM Event Responsiblechanged)

There by notifying the Person that a task has been assigned to him.

Isuue Details :

We have a check function module assigned to the event "Responsiblechange" of the business object QMSM (t-code SWE2). We have certain conditions to be validated before we trigger the workflow. However users complained that the WF task emails are not being sent to them when the person responsible is changed. When i put a break point in the check function module i found that the data base has not been updated with the latest transaction data(Looks like the Check function module is triggered well before the data base commit). And hence the logic in the check function module is behaving erronously.

Can any one of you suggest a way such that i can make current transaction data(data from the QM02 screen) available to the check function module.

Your quick reponse on this is highly appreciated. Also let me know if you need any further details.

Thanks and regards,