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Nov 17, 2009 at 08:51 AM

Status Profile - Consignment orders


Dear All,

My client requirement as below, please go thru and suggest how to proceed.

1. ZCON_VALUE- Ztable, has customer and consignment value, example XXXX customer has limit of 1000 EUR

2. When creating consignment fill up for customer XXXX system should check the value (intercompany price PI01) with ZCON_VALUE, if PI01 total value is less than ZCONS_VALUE, status of the consignment fill up order will be AUTO, if order value is greater than ZCONS_VALUE status should be LOCK.

3. not only one order, if same customer has other consignment fill up order, system should consider all consignment fill up and check PI01 of all orders and compare with ZCONS_VALUE, if less than AUTO, and Greater than LOCK,

4. Some consignment orders will dont have PI01 condition, as local plant deliver goods, at that time system shoudl consider value form material master accounting data.

Please suggest and if required any clarifications, let me know.