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Nov 16, 2009 at 10:40 PM

xPost: QaaWS, BW, Xcelsius and aggregation


I've also posted this in the Xcelsius forum because I couldn't really figure out where it belonged.



Can someone tell me whether the following scenario is possible (BW 7.0/Xcelsius 2008 Enterprise SP2):

- OLAP Universe created on top of BW query

- QaaWS created on top of universe

- QaaWS created as connection in Xcelsius and data has been imported

Here is what I have:

- Company code

- Calendar year/month

- 1 Key figure/measure

I want the user to be able to select multiple company codes in a List Builder - the output should always be a list of 24 calender month/years going down and then the key figure, i.e. two columns and 24 rows. No matter how many Company codes are selected - only the figures/sums should change.

Here is what happens with my QaaWS/Xcelsius:

- When I select one company code - everything works

- When I select two or more company codes I get 24*the number of company codes selected as result rows. E.g. if I select 2 company codes I get 48 rows, instead of 24.

I tried the same in WebI and I get the same result (if I remove the flag: Avoid duplicated aggregation). I know QaaWS/Xcelsius can not do the same front end/report aggregation as WebI can, but is what I am trying to achieve possible at all?

In the universe I have tried specifically specifying Sum as the aggregation method of the key figure and also Database delegated - nothing works.

I've also looking at adding a aggregation to the keyfigure in the universe - I can find an AGGREGATION(,) function, but don't seem to be able to get it to work.

Any suggestions/ideas?

Thanks in advance,