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Nov 16, 2009 at 06:54 PM

General experiences from ehp3 to ehp4


We are considering the move from ehp3 to ehp4 pending some input and consent from our business units.

Our issue is that applying ehp3 was very "painful". It took a long time and was technically very challenging. We have since had turnover in our SAP system administration team and have a very thin team both in numbers and experience.

Consequently, we were wondering in general terms what we might expect based on others experience. Both in terms of time to prepare and implement.

We have been doing some preliminary investigation into this issue and are aware of then necessity to completely understand the EHP installer and Solution manager integration, but are also interested in any other practical "lessons learned".

We have read many "official" claims of reduced effort and downtime, but have also heard of actual implentations that aren't exactly in line with these expectations.

So again, any general review would be a great help!


Jeff Henke